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Our goal is to ensure that your digital systems match your physical reality and your existing system in real time, regardless of where your infrastructure is located.

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If you are a manufacturer, an energy company, an agricultural company or a logistics company, you know that your context has changed. You need to be more and more real time, to adjust your production as close as possible to consumption, to avoid chain breaks. You need to be resilient and reactive

About reflek.io

All companies have assets that just ask to be leveraged. That’s our job, we will provide you an amazing competitive advantage by unlocking existing machines, processes, applications, networks, build new services and enable the full value of digital transformation.

We believe that a better world requires a better industry, and we are proud to help you get started today.

reflek.io's mission is to provide to geo-distributed-compagnies a new digital execution platform, the only one perfectly adapted to the constraints of tomorrow's. This platform makes it possible to avoid any dissipation (energy, raw materials, logistics, useless work) and to ensure hyper traceability. Its strength lies in its capacity to progressively reconvert the existing infrastructure (computer and machine) at no extra cost, gradually bringing real time and artificial intelligence to the center of the production.

Our story

We are a group of people passionate about digital. A few years ago we were contacted by one of the world's largest manufacturers who was looking to transform itself into a tech player.  We told him: "It's easy, just migrate it gradually to the public cloud". He simply replied, "Obviously this is the first time you're working in the industry, because not all of our factories have a stable internet connection and we can't stop the production line if there's a problem, and more importantly we have 7 millisecond timing constraints."
Since then, we had container infrastructure, it's useful for resilient infrastructure but more importantly we needed a system that would allow us to build responsive and resilient applications to support the future. That's why we created reflek.io.

We bring cloud technologies, no matters where your production are. We distributed "cloud style" capabilities at the edge level fully synchronized with your current Cloud Public Provider. Our system is a responsive, event-driven, IoT-specific platform that improves reliability, go-to-market and innovation.
We believe that systems for industry, energy, agriculture and logistics must be designed for:

  • Run as close as possible to where value is created in a Local-First / Offline-First Apps
  • Distributed within the application to match the manufacturing logic, a IoT approach
  • Having low latency and be always available and ever green
  • Giving a complete 360° view of the production at a global level in real time

And this is what we bring to the world.

More than a technology. A partner.

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