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Reactive Platform

Imagine bringing the cloud to your doorstep with everything you need: microservices, storage, data streaming.

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Legacy Sidecar

Adopt a revolutionary modernization strategy that synchronizes your legacy with your twins offering a whole new way to modernize your legacy systems.

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Quantum Asset

Gain visibility and take action on your twins, whether products, processes or equipment, by making your processes highly intelligent and adaptive.

Frequently asked questions

Browse these FAQs to find answers to frequently asked questions. If you are a new customer, we recommend that you read all the following articles.

What is a digital twin?
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A digital twin is a digital object that represents reality: its state, its intelligence and its relations. It allows to build IT systems in an iterative way minimizing integration efforts. Its local intelligence capabilities allow to create complex and re-configurable business scenarios.

How do I connect to the digital twins?
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The digital twins take advantage of all the integration capabilities of the reactive platform (e.g. HTTP, AMQP, AWS SNS, Azure Event hubs, File, FTP, gRPC, JMS etc...), Legacy Sidecar to bijectively synchronize with existing systems and Time series capabiltity to merge OT with IT. 

What is the actor model? 
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The actor model is a revolutionary development model that underlies digital twins. It inherits the properties of reactive systems (responsive, elastic, resilient and message driven), is totally autonomous in its execution and above all supports a system of complex relationships. This allows to build intelligent and linearly scalable systems.

Reversibility and the maturity of technologies?
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Legacy Sidecar is a product dedicated to the reversibility of your existing systems.  Quantum Asset (our twin execution engine) is based on totally open technologies (REST & gRPC APIs, CloudEvents). This allows you to eventually switch to the technology of your choice even though we are confident that you will be adicts of the incredible capabilities of the platform.

How is it disruptive? 
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It is the only technology that can properly address the issues of modern industry, geo-distributed execution, applications that run without connectivity to networks but can take advantage of the power of the cloud, and geographically based routing and positioning, implementation of specific local features. offers a simple and elegant answer to all these issues by trivializing the technical complexities (database, distributed computing, streaming)

What is the maturity and sustainability of the solution? 
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Our platform is based on highly mature open-source components that have been proven in the world's largest technology companies. Our technologies are at the heart of the strategy of today's largest technology players, so there is no risk to technological continuity.

What legacy systems are supported ?
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Our platform supports a very wide range of sources and targets, allowing you to load, ingest, migrate, distribute, consolidate and synchronize your data with twins. These include:

  • Legacy: OpenVMS RMS, Oracle RDB, z/OS VSAM
  • RDBMS: Oracle, SQL, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Data varehouses: Apache Cassandra, Apache Geode, AWS DynamoDB, Couchbase, Elasticsearch, Google Cloud BigQuery, Hadoop Distributed File System - HDFS, HBase, IBM Bluemix Cloud Object Storage, MapR Database, MongoDB, OrientDB, Pravega
  • Cloud: Google Cloud, AWS, Azure
  • Streaming platforms: Apache Kafka,  Google Cloud Pub/Sub, MQTT Streaming, Azure Event Hubs, AWS SQS, AWS Kinesis and Firehose, AWS EventBridge
  • Messaging: AMQP, JMS, MQTT, MODBUS, OPC-UA
How does it interface with my legacy systems?
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We rely on a number of connectors that allow bijective communication with existing systems. They are able to expose all changes on these systems, handle concurrent access and take into account complex issues such as initial loading. The integration schemes are designed to limit the need for specific development and to integrate data as quickly as possible.

How do I develop it and what skills do I need?
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The platform is voluntarily very open technologically to allow the maximum of competence to develop on it. C++, GO, JAVA, NODE.JS, PHP, PYTHON, RUBY languages are supported. Moreover, the platform exposes Rest API, gRPC and cloud events to allow you to integrate with your existing systems.

Where is my data and do I own it? 
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As a customer, you retain ownership of your data. We do not view or use your content for any purpose without your consent. The data stored in the twins as well as the complete history is retrievable at any time.

How does traceability work and what does CQRS mean? 
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The system is based on an innovative storage system that separates writes from reads, allows backward compatibility in the event of a version upgrade, and above all automatically traces all reads and writes, providing full traceability by default.

Do I need the sidecar product for life?
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Sidecar is a product that allows you to quickly transition your existing systems, so it is intended to be ephemeral and the sooner you stop using Sidecar the sooner we consider we have fulfilled our mission. Our objective is to make you benefit as soon as possible from all the innovations of the platform around Quatum Asset and Twin Automation.

What are the technical requirements and which cloud providers are supported? 
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The platform requires a Kubernetes environment running at the edge to run like Google Anthos, AWS Outposts, Azure Stack Edge nothing more. All components are automated and managed.

How to operate the solution? 
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The systems are hosted and built by, but can also be hosted by the customer at the edge. The customer can then run local applications that access the hosted data and services from its hosted and private implementation. is responsible for support, remote operational management and release creation.


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icon reactive plateform

Reactive Platform

Pay per instance

Microservices / API services
Database services
Streaming services
Monitoring and observability
Automatic troubleshooting
Zero trust security
icon legacy sidecar

Legacy Sidecar

Pay per table

External system connectivity
Scheme & state projection to digital twin of instances
External system monitoring
Back and restore mechanism
Value Hacking Method
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Quantum Asset

Pay per asset

Information manager for Digital Twin of Instances
Highly responsive & resilient API
Spreadsheet based dashboard
Full traceability (CQRS, event sourcing)
Execution capability at edge
Geo-aggregation & partitioning

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